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Established on the basis of Nantong Export Processing Zone, Nantong Free Trade Zone (NTFTZ) contains two parks with planned area of 5.29 square meters. Park A covers an area of 1.5 square meters in the former Nantong Export Processing Zone located in the center of the state-level Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area (NETDA). Park B, only 2km from Sutong Bridge, takes up an area of 3.79 square meters adjacent to the planned container dock with an annual handling capacity of 2 million TEU.
Nine regional functions as follows:
Bonded Processing
Imported goods without fulfilling taxation procedures can be exported after being processed within the zone. Products made of bonded imported materials can be transferred to other processing enterprises under the administration of the same Customs district or other Customs districts for further processing before exportation.
Port Operation
Receive, deliver, store or transfer cargoes imported or exported through Nantong Free Trade Zone and other cargoes with incomplete Customs procedures. Provide port operations including loading and unloading, transshipment, hauling and storage.
Bonded Warehousing
Imported or exported goods and other goods without fulfilling the Customs procedures are kept bonded.
International Procurement and Distribution
The enterprise can purchase goods in or out of the territory, distribute the goods to the enterprises at home or abroad or to other specially supervised zone by the Customs.
Entrepot Trade
Goods stored in the zone can be exported to other countries or districts without being processed.
Research and Development
Imported facilities for in-zone R&D institutes are exempted from customs duties and import VAT. Materials for R&D are bonded. R&D efforts and acquisitions can be transferred to relevant agencies in or out of China for industrialization.
Inspection and Maintenance
Providing high-tech and high added-value product inspection and after-sale maintenance for export goods
Developing bonded processing and logistics exhibition industry and related business.
Foreign Trade
Developing foreign trade by fully utilizing the privileges of location and preferential policies and other polices in terms of fast clearance, bonded cargoes, warehousing and logistics. 
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